4 Point Inspection

What are 4 Point Inspections


A  Four Point home inspection is an affordable inspection that generally  includes but is not limited to a skilled inspection of the roof, the  electrical system, plumbing system and the heating, ventilation and air  conditioning  (H.V.A.C.) system. The different systems on your home have  a varying but somewhat predictable life span. Most of the information  gathered for a four point inspection pertains to just that. However, the  information is not limited to the life expectancy of the systems. Also,  considered are issues such as type of wiring used in the home and even  the manufactures of the equipment. We also look for signs of equipment  or system failures. Our report will help the homeowner know what areas  need to be rectified in order to gain the coverage they need. Our reporting system is generated from Citizens Report. If your insurance carrier requires other reporting forms please let us know in advance.

What a Four Point Inspection does not include.

A  four point home inspection is not a pre-purchase/pre-sale home  inspection, which is much more comprehensive in nature. The four point  home inspection only satisfies insurance requirements of particular home  systems and lacks the necessary information for you to make informed  decision in buying a home or its condition of selling.   The roof is inspected and interior if any leaks however not  the the attic for the sheathing.  The electrical panel box is  inspected but the receptacles and switches are not.  As a courtesy we test GFCI.  The sink drains need to be inspected for type of pipes and drains and leaks.  These are just a  few items. Feel free to call us anytime to inquire more.

It  is also not a guarantee that the insurance company will qualify you,  that the home is insurable, that the insurance company will require no  other certifications or inspections. Or that you won't be required to  have work performed after the home inspection.  

However, as your home inspector, we will consult with you on this process.

 We work with many insurance companies everyday to make sure they understand our report. We gladly perform  4 Point inspections in the Greater Tampa, Dade City, Zephyrhills, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, Trinity, Odessa, Port Richey, Holiday, Palm Harbor, Brooksville, Land O Lakes, Carrollwood, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg and many more communities.

4 Point Inspector; roof inspection; electrical inspection; plumbing inspection, hvac inspection
4 Point Inspector; roof inspection; electrical inspection; plumbing inspection, hvac inspection