Roof Certifications


Roof Certifications

 A roof certification is a professional opinion that the roof will last for 3 yrs without leaking.  When Emerald Inspection Service, LLC performs a roof certification to your roof. We look for the following: Signs of aging on the shingles, metal, tile, concrete or vinyl product. Interior leaks to include the attic.  When we perform the inspection proof of roof replacement, or a Roof Condition Certification Inspection will be required for homes that  are 25 years old and older if it has a shingle roof.  Homes with tile or  metal roofs, and mobile homes 50 years or older will also be required  to have the Roof Condition Certification form filled out.

If there is no written proof, such as a signed off building permit,  homeowners will be required to have a Roof Condition Certification  Inspection or renewal may be denied.

Forms must be filled out by a qualified home inspector.  Persons  filling out the form illegally are committing a third degree felony. 

Why use an inspector instead of a roofer?

 Simple, inspectors do not have any conflicts of interest like a roofer  may have.  Some roofers may be tempted to recommend repairs, and then  give you an estimate.  Since we do not perform any repairs, you know our  inspections are completely unbiased.

The Roof Condition Certification form is different from the Wind  Mitigation Inspection form that is meant to lower your insurance  rate.  We strongly recommend that anyone having the roof inspection  performed also have the wind mitigation conducted if you haven’t had one  recently.

In order to pass the  Roof Condition Certification, the roof must not leak, and must have at  least three years of useful life remaining. We normally use Citizens Roof Condition Report. If your carrier requires other reporting please let us know.