pool & Spa inspections

Above Ground and Hot Tub/Spa Inspections



Above ground spas, or swimming pools industry has changed in the past 5 years.  With this type to include aerobic type of pools. While the fundamentals are the same with any type of pool or spa. We also check for other elements. For example the wattage of the pump while running. The liner or shell to make sure there are no cracks. The decking or stairs and the surrounding area of the safety barrier or cage. We feel that if you are buying a house this should be inspected as well for peace of mind.

In ground Pool and Spa Inspection


 In Florida we have normally seen in our backyard a pool that may or not be adjoined to a spa. Alot of times they are usually Concrete (gunite), Vinyl Liner, or Fiberglass. While these pools differ from one type of pool to another. Our inspection process is the same or similar. All pools have an inner foundation. Some may have tile, some may not. All will have a coping material. All will have some type of decking. Even a wood decking. At Emerald Inspection Service. We inspect thoroughly all elements in the pool and at the pool house. This to include all piping, pumps, electrical, safety barriers, and the screen house or fencing of the pool area.  We are certified with AHIT, ASHI and InterNachi for pool and spa inspections. Feel free to ask any questions about your next pool and spa inspection.