Wind Mitigation

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Wind Mitigation Reporting

A  wind mitigation inspection is a report that is generated for the  insurance carrier. As a home owner with windstorm insurance, state law  entitles you to certain premium reductions. However, without a wind  mitigation inspection, you can not get the discounts. If you have not  had a windstorm insurance inspection at your home you are PROBABLY  PAYING TO MUCH FOR YOUR WINDSTORM INSURANCE!

During  a wind mitigation inspection, a qualified home inspector reports on the key  features that may decrease the amount of damage your home suffers during  a hurricane or strong windstorms. There features fall into several  categories; such as exterior construction type, roof shape, construction  methods, age of the roof covering, door and window opening protection,  as well as the year the home was constructed. Another factor maybe the  elevation of the home and how it relates to wind speed.

When  performing a wind mitigation inspection we take precise care to record  the following information and take pictures (as seen below) to report to  the insurance carrier if you may receive any discounts. Part of the  wind mitigation inspection is we go into the attic. In the attic we  randomly pick three roof rafters or roof trusses. We usually try to  select two on each end of the roof and two near the center. We determine  the nail length penetrating into the roof framing member. We also,  measure the length of the nail penetrating through the sheathing. Once  the attic portion is complete, we inspect any windows and glass block  for hurricane stamps or Broward/Miami Dade stickers. This tells us if  the glass will be hurricane wind resistant. Once that is complete we  from there inspect the garage door for bracing and if any shutters can  be attached to any glazing elements. Upon completion of the wind  mitigation inspection, we visually inspect the roof and record all  dimensions and take a few pictures of the exterior. While we make no  guarantee that you may receive discounts from the insurance carrier, we  will do our best to inspect all elements required by insurance companies  for wind mitigation.
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